Journey to America Today

Journey to America Today

by Eric Gondree

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Journey to America Today is a textbook for learning English while gaining a comprehensive overview of history and society in the United States. This book is divided into thirteen units to form a coherent historical narrative, examining themes of continuity and change over time. Each portion contains readings, exercises and research projects with Japanese university students in mind. In every unit, students will explore a period of United States history and take a journey starting before its earliest days until the beginning of the 21st century.

Journey to America Today offers a rich range of learning activities for developing skills in reading, discussion, presentation, cultural understanding and independent research. Learners will acquire new vocabulary, understand new concepts and express their thoughts about important historic issues which echo in today’s culturally-diverse America.

Topics range from the cultures of Native Americans, the legacy of slavery, the expansion of Civil Rights and America’s relations with the world through the end of the Cold War. This book’s hope is that students’ interest in the English language can unlock the study of history and vice versa while promoting intercultural understanding.

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