Audio Services

We have over 20 years of experience in creating professional narration and sound production for textbooks, video soundtracks, and any other kind of audio project. Contact us to discuss how we can help you make your project or event sound great.


We offer the following audio production services:

  • Narration for videos
  • Narration and recording of audio books
  • Textbook audio
  • Music recording and mixing
  • BGM production
  • Songs for all purposes
  • Audio for advertisements for TV, radio, and web
  • Live music for events
  • Lectures on a wide range of topics by experienced public speakers

We are connected to a wide network of narrators, musicians, and other resources to help you make your project as good as it can be. Please contact us with details of your project to discuss how we can help you and set an appropriate budget. Below, you can read some testimonials from satisfied customers.

Testimonials from Customers

Quality Recordings

Brian and Sarah created a beautiful, level-appropriate, authentic conversation for our students. The quality of recording and delivery far outshone any listening material used previously. Both students and teachers commented on how clear and understandable it was. We will definitely use their services for future listening scripts and activities.

Nichola Deadman, Lecturer, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Audio Books

We were very pleased with the audio service as it was professional yet relaxed and the final product was of high quality. Brian listened closely to our needs and gave advice about what we should do to make the recording session most efficient. He put the narrators at ease edited everything within a few days. We were very satisfied!

Lesley Ito, Atama Ii Books

Songs and Audio Production

I have had the pleasure of working with Brian and Sarah on a series of children’s ELT materials that I authored for Oxford University Press. Working with them on the production of songs and audio material was a pleasure as their attention to detail, professionalism and positivity made everything go very smoothly. They adhered to a challenging brief and delivered top quality work within tight deadlines. Although this work was delivered twelve years, ago the songs and audio continue to sell extremely well all over the world.

Patrick Jackson, author of Potato Pals and Everyone Up, published by Oxford University Press

Audio Story Recording

“I am very happy I used the audio recording services of Brian Cullen. He was able to capture exactly the mood I was trying to create with my piece. The story turned out beautifully–a quality piece done quickly and professionally.”

Lydia Irby, author of the audio story “Two Mirrors”

Professional Audio for Textbooks

“At Tokai High School we believe it’s important for students to practice listening to real conversations in English. However, most students are still at a level where it is best to limit vocabulary and, in particular, idiomatic and colloquial expressions. We use carefully scripted dialogues in lessons and tests, and Sarah and Brian have helped us to record several of these.

Any native speaker of English can read a script without making any noticeable errors in pronunciation or intonation. However, Sarah and Brian are among the few people who can bring that script alive and turn it into a real conversation.

I am currently helping to produce a new (Ministry of Education approved) textbook for high school students in conjunction with a company called Screenplay. We will certainly be asking Sarah and Brian to help us to record the dialogues.”

Chris Bond, Tokai High School English Department.